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The world has been blessed by internet access trough the last years. This has caused an influx of information never seen before.
The big tech companies have taken notice and are now the ones in control. Trough social media, servers and a miriad of useful things.
Some may look at this new age with digust, no more privacy, data harvest, etc. I know I feel it too.
But this was meant to happen, all humans should have access to the internet, with massive use, comes comfortable apps for profit and regulations. But try to see the good things too. Memes and ideas multiply by the second, more people is aware now of human flaws or dangerous behaviours,
than before. Science spread its teaching people a lot of things. Consumers are getting more aware of exploits, and communities with
good and contructive ideas are flourishing. What I mean is, there is still good In this epoch of internet. We just need to focus that
good make it bigger. More tech savy people would know what is bad or good for them, things change, and it breeds evil just as it brings good or oportunities.

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