Cyberpunk is not the aesthetics, not the desire to live in a colorful city, it represents a future with no tech regulations, with rampant capitalism where dystopia is reality. Thats always important to remember, because technology is everyday growing, and AI is in the hands of a few big tech corps. Cyberpunk was this criticism and warning as well.

They got rid of our privacy because we let them take it. Now we are all products for milking our info into marketing and AI learning, as well as massive social engineering campaings done by this corporations.
We all admired the views of works such as Ghost In The Shell or games such as Deus Ex, but never took it for granted. It is becomming a reality and we should have known better.

I just hope one day we actually stand and say no to this abuse of power. As citizens of the internet. Or hope for personal tech to improve so we can actually challenge this all seeing entities.